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Zugspitze summit

Munich – My first tryst with Europe

I always wanted to travel to European region for I had seen so many beautiful pictures of this place and wanted to see it for myself if it really was so beautiful. I got lucky in 2016 when this dream came true for me, I had to travel to Munich for work purpose. Having an urge to travel and with help of an excellent onsite team I made sure that I experience as much as possible. I had a never ending list of places I wished to see, however I just had 2 weekends and obviously I couldn’t cover all of it. However I decided that I better see & experience places that are nearby or in Munich itself rather than traveling around. There are lot of beautiful places that you can travel from Munich like Berlin, Switzerland, Prague, Budapest, Austria and so on…but…there is always a next time ;).


Hampi – boulders, temples and your true self

Hampi had been attracting me for all these years…One day I knew that I’ll surely make it to this land of loose mountains, temples and hippie… I am not sure if being hippie is really what my heart desires but having a free spirit has always been alluring and I guess that’s the reason Hampi was secretly calling me. January 2017 I finally decided to give into my temptation and planned a 4 day trip to this hippie capital along with few of my friends. We were total of 8 traveling together and somehow I feel it’s always to travel in even numbers…not numerology of course, but for some logical reasons… like it gets easier to distribute rooms and also not much of food is wasted as most of Indian delicacies can easily serve 2 medium build person per plate.


Kanatal -The hidden hamlet

It was approximately three years since we had our first trip together to the beautiful Andamans. It was now time for another tryst and what could be a better choice than the snow clad mountains. I knew I had to visit Himalayas, as my better half loves being in snow the most. I had also recently enrolled for the Club Mahindra membership and I wanted to reap its benefits. Keeping in mind the Club Mahindra constraint I shortlisted a few resorts in north. However as usual I was keen on travelling to the roads less travelled and hence my hunt immediately narrowed down to a name I had never heard before. A little time on Google & I knew that this is exactly the place I was looking for. A place whose beauty is  just limited by your will and imagination. A place soaked in nature and so raw that you would hardly find any good hotels. A place not commercialized as a popular tourist location. A place where you wake up to the melodious calls of numerous birds dwelling in the forest around you. A place which is curtained from the polluted city life…The hidden hamlet – Kanatal.


Surreal Northeast

I always dreamt of travelling to a secluded place, a place less travelled, a place which has surreal beauties hidden deep inside. I always thought that these places are far from where I live, unreachable. Expense was one of the biggest concern while thinking of these places, as they are not easily accessible… until we decided to visit the less travelled states of north-east India.

We decided to step on three beautiful states of the north-east – Assam, Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh. With this visit I have now been to 24 of 36 states in India (as of Jan 2016). Hope to cover the remaining ones soon :).

It was a 11 day trip covering three beautiful states. We were 6 adults and 1 kid. We booked a Tata Sumo for complete trip. Our friend Hemanta picked us from Guwahati airport and dropped us back there safely with bags full of happiness and delightful experience. I would strongly recommend him for your northeast travel. He is not only an excellent driver but a calm, friendly local who injects you with his endemic knowledge throughout the trip.


Dawki – Hidden gem of India

Throughout my life I have always been fascinated with water, fascinated by its beauty, fascinated by the number of forms it can take, fascinated by its nature. Water can be calm and violent too, it can be soothing and disturbing too, it makes sea and covers mountains too in the form of snow. I always wanted to visit a place where water would look surreal, as I’ve always seen in images on the internet. Let me confess that every time I saw these images with pristine blue waters I would question myself if it really is true or is it photo-shopped.

However on my recent journey through north-east India I discovered these surreal water-bodies that I always dreamt of. This was by far most exquisite trip of mine till date.


Road trip to God’s own country

“How about a road trip instead?” said Ram, and it was this moment that gave me 8 of the most beautiful days of my life. The trip was suppose to be 2 months later but it felt as if the journey had already begun. As the day approached we were four of us on this voyage. Road trip from Pune to Kerala … I couldn’t believe it myself.

We started our journey from Pune on 30th Aug 2014. We travelled approximately 3000+ Kms till God’s own country and back. We travelled across 4 states and experienced pleasant plateaus, thick forests, mighty mountains, virgin valleys, beautiful beaches, fantastic falls, lovely lakes, raging rivers and so much more.

Happiness is a journey not a destination – Anonymous