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Nature’s marvel – Living root bridge

Meghalaya is not just one of the cleanest state of the country but also one of the most beautiful state. Tourism here is not at the peak and hence there are many hidden gems like Dawki yet to be discovered. During my travel to the north east I made a point to visit these less known places and also the iconic ones. Which brought me to one of the most famous places here, the Double Decker Living Root Bridge. This place is truly nature’s wonder and you have to see it to believe the way nature has architect these bridges. However even after being such an iconic place of the world, it witnesses far less tourists, reason for it being the accessibility issue. These bridges are deep in the mountains covered by thick wood. You can reach the bridges by trekking down a complete mountain and climbing half of the adjacent one. It has approximately 2000 steps one way and these are pretty steep at few spots. It is not recommended for seniors and women carrying another life within them, try to avoid it if you aren’t fit to walk for hours, it took us total of 5 hours to visit this place and come back to our vehicles.


Heavenly trip to Kashmir

“We could either go to Mt. Abu or Kashmir” said Dad. The choice seemed like I could either have chicken tikka or an assorted kebab platter. I mean who would want to see a flower if you can experience the garden itself. No offence to Mt. Abu lovers, I would love to visit it too some time soon. It is this moment that gave me 9 days in heaven.

We generally plan our trips well in advance, visiting Kashmir was like a dream come true. These 3 months felt like ages before we finally left for “The Kashmir”